Who created AcroRIP 10?

Most of the people that do DIY printers, convert printers, or make printers to do and print direct to garment (DTG) and now direct to film (DTF) know about AcroRIP. AcroRIP is a rip software that reads and separates the colors in a design by channels and with the correct supported printer is capable to print CMYK but also White ink.

People have been using AcroRIP 7 to print on dark t-shirts many years back by doing 2 passes, meaning printing white ink first and then color inks on top resulting in good designs. There is an AcroRIP 8, but the most “infamous” have been AcroRIP 9. AcroRIP 9 captures the popularity of the people because this version allows users to print using 1 pass instead of 2 passes, meaning that the printer can print CMYK + White at the same time. You will be asking yourself why “infamous“? Well, AcroRIP 9 as many software was pirated (crack) and this allows users to install it without a key to operate the software, but everyone knows that behind any pirated (crack) software there are issues. Many users were able to install the software without problems, but others lost their heads trying and every time they turn off their PC, AcroRIP 9 was deleted by windows defender or any antivirus. This took users to look for other alternatives and companies, for software more professional and paid for it no matter the cost.

The developers of AcroRIP have been unknown, the only thing we could find out is a company from Korea name E-Apix that maybe are the one that made the software or another name that shows when you install the software is Human Plus, or at least for the interface. Because users continue using AcroRIP 9, a company from California call DTGpro made their own OEM version in collaboration with E-Apix, calling the software DTGrip 10 or AcroRIP 10. AcroRIP 10 is been monitored by DTGpro to protect the software against piracy and any user can not use the software without a USB dongle that has the key, this eliminates any pirated copy of the software.

AcroRIP 10 brings stability to the installation process, the meaning is easier to install. Also bring the same interface that everyone knows already with a few extra features, and faster rip boost according to the DTGpro. This collaboration drove the companies to make AcroRIP.com that is the official website for AcroRIP 10 (DTGpro 10).

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Kingdom DTF Team