What is DTF Printing?


Digital To Film or Direct Transfer Film, Better know as DTF, is a new technology that gives the advantage to any person to print transfers to decorate on cotton, polyester, blends, leather, nylon, and more without the need to press A+B papers like in white toner printers and without the problems like cracking or fading.

Kingdom DTF is easy as you print on any regular printer, but our printers are modified to print DTF Film without any problems, with an external waste ink tank and more good features to come.

DTF designs are stretchy and soft, is like a hydride of white toner + dtg = better. Why Better you may ask? DTF has low to none maintenance and is easy to take care of. With DTF is easy to make t-shirts, hoodies, and more to sell to your customers, or even better you can sell the DTF transfers already printed to your customers. Kingdom DTF is the answer that people were waiting to finally press on black polyesters, something that sublimation can't do.

See it in action, you will love it.